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KTG6000 Series Anti-surge Valve

  • The valve cage adopts its own patented multi-stage decompression structure to ensure the service life of the valve under large differential pressure conditions, with low noise and low vibration.

  • The switch is fast and the switching time is less than 1s, which meets the needs of fast switching.

  • Accurate adjustment allows the compressor to approach the surge limit and the negative pressure condition to operate reliably.

  • The disc is available in a combination of soft and hard seals for ANSI Class V and Class VI seals.

Performance Parameters

Nominal diameter: 4〞~32〞 (DN100~DN800)

Nominal pressure: Class 150 ~ Class 1500

Applicable temperature: ≤ 150°C

Connection type: Flange  

Flow characteristics: Linear (switching time ≤ 1s)

Body material: WCB, F316, etc.

Operation type: Pneumatic

Application Condition

Thermal power plant, coal chemical industry, petroleum and petrochemical industry, anti-surge system for various types of gas compressors.