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KTP2000 Series Steam Conditioning Valves

  • High-precision decompression and desuperheating system for precise control of outlet pressure and temperature.

  • Adopt the latest umbrella atomization technology to improve the atomization effect, reduce the overall structure length, reduce the floor space and customer engineering investment.

  • The split and integral structure of the desuperheating system and the decompression system can be selected according to requirements.

Performance Parameters

Nominal diameter: 4〞~24〞 (DN100~DN600)

Nominal pressure: ≤ 10MPA

Applicable temperature: ≤ 540 °C

Pressure accuracy: ±0.04-0.1MPA

Temperature accuracy: ±3°C

Main components: Pressure reducing system, desuperheating water system, safety valve, accessories.

Application Condition

Thermal power plant, coal chemical industry, temperature reduction and decompression system.