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Social Responsibility

No matter the size of the corporate, we know our social responsibility. Keep our goal in mind and never forget why we start.
We work hard, improve ourselves, embrace the society, and strive to create greater value for society.

  • Create And Share Together/

    To build a platform for the team, let the team become the real subject and master, chase the dream, grow together, share the value-added return in the common cause.

    Realize the dreams of the team, the company and the organization, and then realize our personal dreams.

    Create value for customers, shareholders, companies and society.

    Actively embrace the society and cooperate with universities, research institutes and advanced productivity teams to create sharing.

  • Develop Technology/

    Technology leads the future, KOVOK will insist on R&D investment in industrial automation, masters core technologies, and promotes technological development and progress, focus on the development of industrial Internet, big data, information technology, digitalization, and materials science, actively embrace change, and innovate.

    Adhere to the effective and rational use of global natural resources, raise awareness of ecological environmental protection, reduce waste, and improve energy efficiency of office buildings.

    Adhere to the concept of sustainable development and adhere to the harmonious concept of symbiosis and common prosperity of enterprises, people, society and nature.

  • Self-Reliance/

    Become a struggler for the progress of the times, win, be responsible, professional, high standards and self-criticism. Cultivate good habits of reading, sports and thinking, and become a lifelong learning, healthy and sunny enterprise.

    Strive to become an outstanding corporate and establish a national brand of self-improvement and self-improvement.

    Strive to become an outstanding enterprise, establish a national and world brand of self-reliance and self-improvement.

  • Respect For Nature And Love For Mankind/

    Confucius said that the things are known. Respect the law and conduct the world according to the law. Learn well, and to teach. Speak for the team, for the enterprise, and for the society.

    Efforts to support charities, participate in charitable work, support educational development, and help more individuals and organizations.

    Pass positive energy and deliver truth, goodness and beauty.

    Increase your self-cultivation, to respect others, to benefit others, in order to achieve the highest goodness and beauty.