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  • Mission

    Create and share an excellent future.

  • Vision

    Ingenious industry, carving art in the industrial field.


  • Unify vision and strategy
  • Unify core values
  • Unify management ideas
  • Unify toolkits
  • Unify language
  • Unify actions


Create value: Continue to provide excellent products and services, and continue to create value for customers, shareholders, companies and society.
Embrace the hero: The first know, the first sense, the first move, the first achievement, and to be the hero of KOVOK.
Altruism: Altruism is the most intelligent way of self-interest.
Collaboration: A company that belongs to a team should have a team tone.
Self-cultivation: The virtue of the gentleman, benevolence, righteousness, courtesy, wisdom, and faith.
Sincerity and sunshine: Sincerity like a fish, the sun is like water, and both get it, so that fish can swim smoothly in the water.


    Enterprise spirit: Full of possibilities.
    Brand concept: Ingenious industry, only for superior products.
    Competition concept: Hero is a step faster than others.
    Business philosophy: Improve yourself and help others.

  • Employment concept: Focus on 80% of outstanding employees and try to eliminate the remaining 20%.
    Talent concept: Create value.
    Training concept: Only focus on who want to do.
    Self-cultivation concept: The cultivation of virtue, the virtue of gentleman.

  • Team concept: Understand together, bear together, create together, and share together.
    Collaboration concept: Feedback, sharing, overall situation view, seeking common ground while reserving differences.
    Decision-making concept: Brainstorming, but one person is responsible.
    Environment concept: sincerity and sunshine.

  • R&D concept: Grasp the industrial core and break through the industry limit.
    Quality concept: Safe, applicable, and refined.
    Safety concept: Help customers to produce safety.
    Service concept: Professional, efficient and convenient.
    Innovation concept: Embrace change, and climb height.
    Cost concept: Exquisiteness can produce benefits.