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  • 2019

    On August 08,2019, KOVOK's digital website was successfully revamped and launched.
  • 2018

    On June 1,2018, KOVOK's modern partner system was integrated and reorganized.
  • 2018

    On March 06,2018, CI system was designed. The new LOGO of KOVOK was launched and the first batch of trademarks were registered.
  • 2017

    On October 1,2017, KOVOK launched the Intelligent Office System.
  • 2015

    On December 8,2015, KOVOK's second group of partners joined.
  • 2014

    On December 8,2014, KOVOK began its first Five-Year plan, i.e. 1+1+3 strategic plan.
  • 2012

    On September 6,2012, KOVOK's first partners joined.
  • 2011

    On August 23,2011, BEIJING KOVOK TECHOLOGY CO., LTD. was established to unify planning and operation of the northern regional market.
  • 2008

    On July 10,2008, KOVOK of Inner Mongolia was founded, and began to localize, operated the "Golden Triangle of Energy" chemical and power projects.
  • 2008

    On June 18,2008, SHANGHAI KOVOK Valve CO., LTD. was established, and began the strategy of materialization and branding.
  • 2006

    On January 6,2006, SHANGHAI KOVOK INDUSTRY TECHOLOGY CO., LTD. was established to act as an agent for industrial automation products such as valves, instruments and actuators.