SHANGHAI KOVOK VALVE CO.,LTD. is a subsidiary of KOVOK INDUSTRIES, was established in 2008 to solve the problem of special valve conditions in the field of industrial automation, focusing on technology research and development, process improvement and industry commanding heights to provide customers with high efficiency, professional, and integrated valve solutions.

At the beginning of the company's establishment, it has solved the special working conditions of high temperature, high pressure, high pressure difference and wear resistance in steam system, water supply pipeline and ash bucket working condition system of power system, and KOVOK was forming multi-stage pressure reducing regulating valves, high temperature and high pressure ball valves, wear resistant disc valve plate valves, wear-resistant knife gate valves and other multi-series solutions.

After more than ten years of exploration, growth and breakthrough, the company has formed a complete core product structure: high-performance regulating valves, high-performance shut-off valves, high-temperature high-pressure ball valves, wear resistant disc valves, knife gate valves, and other special valves in power systems; wear resistant ball valve, high-performance three eccentric butterfly valve and wear resistant regulating valve in coal chemical system, etc. KOVOK established a "special valve maintenance center", and cooperated with many international famous valve’s brands to establish a standardized process to provide timely and efficient inspection and maintenance and internalization of spare parts.

KOVOK products are widely used in the fields of power, chemical, oil refining, natural gas, petroleum, water, construction, paper, and pipeline transportation. KOVOK is based in Shanghai, China, and implements a global brand development strategy. At present, KOVOK has supply bases in Shanghai, Zhejiang Wenzhou and Lishui, Jiangsu Suzhou and Yancheng, as well as warehouses, distributors and sales net around the world.

KOVOK actively introduces international advanced technology and management methods, and joints research institutes and institutions to maintain research and development investment and innovation in new fields, new materials and new products.

In the era of Industry 4.0, KOVOK is in line with the times, making full use of information technology, big data, mechanical intelligence technology, building a digital platform, and satisfying customer needs quickly, visually and controllably through the application of Internet + factory and APP system. At the same time, KOVOK strive to maintain a leading level in the industry.