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KTP9000 Series Turbine Bypass Valve

  • High precision decompression and temperature reduction system can accurately control the outlet pressure and temperature.

  • Adopt the latest umbrella atomization technology to improve the atomization effect and make the overall structure of the valve more compact.

  • The unique labyrinth disks is used as a sleeve to effectively reduce the medium flow rate and improve the life of the inner part and the decompression effect.

  • It can realize quick opening in 6S and meet the requirements of on-site emergency handling.

Performance Parameters

Nominal diameter: 4〞~24〞 (DN100~DN600)

Nominal pressure: ≤ 32 MPA

Applicable temperature: ≤ 650 °C

Connection type: Welding

Flow characteristics: linear (Switching time ≤ 1s)

Body material: F22, F91, F92

Operation type: Electric, hydraulic, pneumatic

Application Condition

Thermal power plant, coal chemical industry, steam turbine high pressure, low pressure bypass, preheater bypass system.