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KQP600 Series PVC Ball Valve

  • Compact structure design, the body and internal parts maintain an effective margin, and can maintain zero leakage under the sudden temperature change of the main steam pipe to the pressure relief pipe.

  • One-piece design, less leakage points, good sealing performance, safe and reliable, and effectively ensure long-term operation of the valve.

  • Self-developed and formulated hard alloy sealing surface, under high temperature and high pressure conditions, maintain excellent cooperation, wear resistance and erosion.

  • Configure high-efficiency actuators to quickly switch and reduce valve damage.

  • Modular design of products and internal parts, which can quickly disassemble and replace internal parts online, easy maintenance and reduce maintenance costs.

Performance Parameters

Nominal diameter: 2〞~6〞 (DN50~DN150)

Nominal pressure: Class 1500 ~ Class 4500

Applicable temperature: ≤ 610 °C

Connection type: Flange type, welding

Flow characteristics: Quick opening

Body material: F22, P91, P92

Operation type: Electric, pneumatic operated with manual, handle, worm gear

Application Condition

Boiler overpressure release and Superheater overpressure release in thermal power plant (including the self-supplied power plant).