Celebrate the Successful Revision of the KOVOK Website


August 8 is a beautiful and memorable day!

At 16:19, the website of SHANGHAI KOVOK VALVE CO,.LTD. was successfully revised. KOVOK's mobile version of the website, WeChat Public Platform was opened simultaneously.

Company Website: www.kovokvalve.com

In order to realize the company vision of “Ingenious Industry, Carving Art In The Industrial Field”, KOVOK adheres to the brand concept of“Ingenious Industry, only For Superior Products”and carries out a comprehensive revision of the original website.

In this revision, we have considered the following questions:

  • How to better display the company image, company dynamics, company style and company value?

  • How to introduce the company's products and services more clearly?

  • How to provide customers with one-stop special valve integration solutions more efficiently, professionally and conveniently?

  • How to close the distance with customers and receive feedback from customers more conveniently?

In this revision, we have added the following highlights:

  • The page is designed to better display the company's professionalism, technical strength and good corporate image, and adhere to the principles of simplicity, generosity, professionalism and clarity;

  • “KOVOK Introduction” adds corporate culture guiding ideology such as management philosophy and service concept, and is committed to providing“Professional, Efficient and Convenient”services while adhering to “Social Responsibility”;

  • In“Application”, based on years of service experience, we summarize the applicable products in different working conditions and fields, and provide integrated solutions for customers through rich application cases;

  • The“One-Code Solution”WeChat Public Platform will bring us closer to you and build a platform for information and digital applications to better serve our customers.

  • In addition, the website's column settings, function design, service content, interactive experience and performance forms have been greatly adjusted.

The website will continue to adapt to the needs of the company's development and image promotion, enrich the content of the column, optimize the access experience, and gradually complete the construction of the website APP as well as the English version and website cluster, meanwhile we will also keep expanding the coverage and influence of the company's online media platform.

The re-launch of the KOVOK website marks that the company has put forward higher requirements in the efforts to create its own brand, and its customer service has reached a more professional and higher level, while presenting a more authentic and professional brand Image to the outside world.

Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit the KOVOK website, continue to pay attention to and support KOVOK's " Ingenious industry, the pursuit of excellence" growth path, and provide valuable advice and suggestions for website construction.

Thank you again for your attention and support to KOVOK!

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