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KJP 600 Series: Y-Type Pneumatic Globe Valve

  • The valve body is forged Y type, has small flow resistance, and has a large CV value.

  • The valve core has a throttle plate to effectively protect the sealing surface and prolong the service life of the valve.

  • Valve core and seat surfacing overlaid hard alloy, after special technology and machining processing, anti-cavitation, erosion resistance.

  • There are two guide rings on the core, the valve stem is balanced, the movement is flexible, and not easy for jamming phenomenon happen .

  • The valve stem packings are all imported from the United States GARLOCK, with good chemical and flexibility, low friction, zero leakage and long service life (4-5 years).

  • The switch speed is fast, generally 3-5 seconds, which effectively protects the system and greatly reduces the sealing time of the sealing surface.

  • The bonnet is equipped with a heat sink to fully dissipate heat, ensuring that pneumatic actuators and solenoid valves are not subject to high temperature shocks. The mid-cavity gasket is a high-strength flexible graphite pad with better sealing and reliability than the general flexible graphite pad.

Performance Parameters

Nominal diameter: 3/4〞~4〞 (DN20~DN100)

Nominal pressure: Class 150 ~ Class 4500

Applicable temperature: 20 ° C ~ 610 ° C

Connection type: Socket welding, butt welding, flange  

Body material: A105, F22, F91, F92, F316L

Operation type: Pneumatic, electric

Application Condition

Main steam pipelines, reheater pipelines, cold reheater pipelines, exhaust pipelines and others of thermal power plants (including the self-supplied power plants).